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Be sure to see the TH Loft that folds down flat for moving day!

Inside SimBLISSity Tiny Home

2015 National Tiny House Jamboree

Client Progress Photos

We really enjoy working with Jessie in Nova Scotia, Canada as she built her tiny house. She designed her own 24 inch on-center framing!  I asked why in Canada the electrical panel is install horizontal however no clear reply... top secrete maybe?


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  • Tiny House Podcast - Season 1, Episode 1444:51
  • r(E)vo Convo50:56
  • October 29, 2015 - Gary was the featured guest on the Tiny House Podcast co-hosted by Michelle Boyle of My Empty Nest, Perry Gruber and Mark Grimes. Topics include: exploding homes, studs, nice headers, household fires and safety information.  (track 1)
  • In 2014 Gary was interviewed by Andrew Odom and Laura LaVoie on the r(E)vo Convo podcast on interesting fun range of tiny house topics. (track 2)

2016 National Tiny House Jamboree

We returned to the tiny house festival, held in summer 2016 in Colorado Springs, CO with a smaller booth. It was great to see everyone again and all of the new homes. This year the Jamboree was at the Air Force Academy.

THS Project - Tiny Condo Remodel

​Below are before, during and after photos of a 540 sq.ft. condo remodel we designed and remodled in Vail Colorado. This was a permitted and inspected project utilizing several sub-contractors. The resale price was $657 per sq ft in 2008.


2015 National Tiny House Jamboree

We represented ourselves at the world's first largest tiny house festival, held in summer 2015 in Colorado Springs, CO. Everyone was expecting 5,000 people to show-up but over 40,000 came to see the tiny houses. We had a blast!