Don't be left struggling to find custom tiny house sub-contractors using "typical" plans.

Our drawings and specifications are produced for construction professionals to bid and build.

We produce Custom designs for Structural Framing and all MEP Systems

Consider a one hour design consulting session to assist you from starting the process ill-informed. The common misconception is that the trailer is the first step. However that means having to design and build your home with that possible limiting facor and it may be an issue for the entire project. Maybe most important step a new homeowner can take then is to seek professional consultation on your home before beginning home construction. Make every decision, every hour and every dollar count on your build. Perhaps a basic trailer is not the most sound starting point for your house. Tiny House Systems can help you make that decision. Our purpose is to build or to help you build the safest and most efficient tiny house on wheels, small house, cabin kit, yurt, or shed possible or even finish out a tiny house shell or accessory dwelling.

By utilizing our consultation services before starting, we can assist you in determining how much of your home you feel comfortable DIY'ing. Maybe you could do a portion of the easy construction or act as the general contractor for the management of hired sub-contractors. We have a multi step method to provide you with design and construction assistance for all areas of your project including on-line meetings for very clear understands of the design. Here are several methods we have available to assist our clients. Please let us know if you have another needs to have THS arrange for a solution.

  • Project Planning   We can help you with trailer selection, architectural type plans, home product selections and all MEP (heating, cooling, electrical, lighting, plumbing) systems drawings and material specifications. Drawings and product specifications are produced for construction professionals.

  • MEP Design Guidelines  Due to the many overlapping areas of system designs in a  small homes of this type separate system designs are not available.

  • Request For Proposals (RFP)  We produce documents for homeowner builders wanting to hire their own sub-contractors with the confidence necessary to make good selection. When using an RFP you will receive proposals from sub-contractors interested in your project based on exactly the same scope of work. When contractors know there are other contractors bidding they may lower their price saving you cash! Using an RFP also makes comparing the proposals received much easier. THS also offers Proposal Reviews and contractor vetting services.

  • Project Management Your project delays will be eliminated using our remote construction management service. Our process is unique and we are anxious to share it with you to help manage your sub-contractors to avoid costly delays.

  • Existing Project Resolution  If you have started your project with another designer or builder we offer arbitration services to allow both parties to resolve their differences. Contact us if your builder has abandoned your project as THS may have solutions available.

  • Emergency THOW Advice  This is a new service we are now offering that allow a THOW owner to receive home advice using a video service adviser. Contact us for service from 8 AM to 6 PM central time to arrange for a video conference.