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Jon M.

Our mission is to provide drawings and material specifications to comply with the NFPA and ANSI guidelines for builders of tiny homes on wheels (THOW), small homes on foundations, and other dwellings, in a proven and safe method. Collectively we have over 120 years of experience in the home design and building industry. Our goal now is to provide this same level of expertise to the tiny house market. 

David Bute

Consultants On Retainer


When Gary was 20 years old he built a small wood framed cabin on the back of his Chevy pick-up. After that he abandoned the thought of living small and like most of America, looked toward having a bigger and nicer home. In 1983 he designed and constructed his first custom home which finished at 1,822 square feet. In 1997 he built a 2,000 square foot custom home on a golf course near the Vail, Colorado ski area. The monthly payment for the home was over $3,300 plus utilities. Gary worked hard to pay for a house that he didn't even occupy due to his work schedule to pay for said house. He soon realized that his home was more house and stress than he needed, and so downsized to a 540 square foot condo in a core area of Vail. In 2008 he sold even that home feeling it was still more house than he needed.  He downsized yet again to a 245 square foot motorhome traveling sometimes off-grid.

Gary Bute, founder

From general contracting to fine furniture making we appreciate having "bro" available! His company name is Quality Carpentry and they provide custom interior furnishing and components for our THS clients. David has over 40 years of experience in the construction industry.

Our knowledge and experience in both design and construction will provide you with the best possible home available.

Jon is a retired Navy Fire Chief and is currently a system designer for a national fire protection company. He is a forensically trained investigator by the FBI and military. Safety is always #1 as you know here at THS.