photo courtesy of Alek Lisefski   ©The Tiny Project

You will be ready for every system installation using our design services.​

Move forward with confidence that your home was designed with you in mind.

Electrical - Lighting Plumbing - HVAC

Drawings and material specifications to build NFPA and ANSI portable homes 

Providing electrical, solar, plumbing, heating and cooling, as well as safety designs and packages ready to install

We design homes and system packages based on your needs. We will create a multi-level system specific to your home; no matter the shape, size, or building material. We are the engineering experts for small homes. Tiny House Systems makes your home smarter, more efficient, and a lot safer through electrical, solar, plumbing, HVAC, and safety, technology.

Safety is our first concern.

Our mechanical designs go beyond PEX, light switches, and solar panels. We design high-performing, multi-level systems for life on the grid or off, complete with state-of-the-art safety measures. 

Browse and purchase one of our packages designed for your home's size.