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Want on-board fresh and gray water storage tanks? No problem! Consider solar water heating too.


Plan ahead for solar electrical power with our adaptable LED lighting designs.


Mechanical ~ Electrical ~ Plumbing    Designs & Materials for Tiny Houses

Design clients Tiny House 4 3 with their TDMV Licensed "Travel Trailer"

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SErvices provided


  • Tiny House On Trailers
  • Park Model RVs
  • Earthships
  • Kit Cabin Houses
  • Cargo Container Houses
  • GeoDomes
  • Foundation Attached Homes
  • Vintage RV System Resto.

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning are very important in your small home for healthy living.

Welcome to our tiny business!

Check out our new Store for Electrical and Solar power packages ready to install!  Let us join you on your journey, you'll be glad you did!

We design homes and system packages based on what YOU want! Mine our extensive knowledge so you can fit exactly what you want in your new home, no matter the shape, size, or natural building material you've chosen. We pride ourselves on being the nutz 'n boltz design & engineering NERDS for tiny building! THS makes your home safer, design better, and construction easier, regardless of the type of tiny your heart desires.

Electrical Workshops!


Smoke detector? Tiny House Systems has free, no sign-up required, safety information available.


  • Mechanical Detail
  • Electrical Details
  • Plumbing Details
  • Rain Water Collection
  • Solar Power Design
  • Conceptual Community Planning
  • Electrical Workshops for DIY'ers
  • Electric Materials Packages

home types designed

You have just found the most experienced GREENTiny House Designers!

We had major help from Tiny House Systems to design and, most importantly, locate each product we needed to buy for each component of the total electrical, plumbing, and mechanical plan. I cannot tell you how kick ass it's been to have it all on one spreadsheet. Seriously, I click a link, add it to the cart, and hit "purchase."

We offer one and two day workshops for the design and installation of electrical systems nationwide. Contact us to discuss our fees and the size of your group. Here is a video segment explaining LED "puck" fixtures.